What could be the reasons for the decline in internet transfer?

When there are problems with the Internet connection, the transmission speed drops, we notice periodic interruptions in Internet access, then we should look for the cause.

Of course, there may be hardware or software problems, we should check our router and its parameters. Of course we will be testing our connection speed, now we can do it with websites like speed test. Of course, we can have internet from different providers, different equipment, for example LTE internet. Naturally, it is worth testing the router, we can reset it and see if the speed is higher.

What could be the reasons for the decline in internet transfer?

What affects the reduction of transfer?

Of course, we can also check the network card drivers, all the elements in our computer that are responsible for connecting to the Internet. In addition, sometimes problems may result from errors in the operating system, browser, we can reinstall the browser, check what effects it will bring. Naturally, if we notice periodic drops in transfer, then it may be due to software updates, programs running in the background update from time to time, which we do not even notice. These can be, for example, programs responsible for the graphics card that will download new drivers.

If we use wireless Internet at home, then we should check the signal quality, it may turn out that the problems result from the wrong location of the router. It may be a good idea to put it on a higher shelf, in addition, the signal will not always reach all rooms in our house. Therefore, we can carry out an easy test, using a smartphone we can go to different rooms in our house. Then, by going online to the speed test website, we will be able to check the speed in individual parts of our home. In this way, we will find out, for example, where we can place a smart TV so that it can use services such as, for example, Netflix.

We will be able to check links using speed test using a desktop computer, laptop or tablets on mobile devices at speed test. In this way, we will find out what may result from possible errors or interruptions in internet access. It may turn out that we will have to replace the router or buy special relays or signal amplifiers.